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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Yahoo Web Hosting - Host Away

Host Away with Yahoo Web Hosting where web hosting is unlimited. Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage is simply a great thing and pricing is only getting more competitive. Which usually means that the price continues to get lower.

I predict that the average monthly web hosting price will become a standard $4.95 per month across the board for most web hosting companies. I see this happening in Q1 of 2009 and limits on hosting are pretty much a thing of the past.

Yahoo Web Hosting still is one of the only providers where a yearly contract is not needed. So you can back out any month if need be, but I really do think that they will need to be more competitive in 2009 to capture more of the market. We shall see...

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Yahoo Web Hosting is for Everyone!

So you don't know anything about creating a web site. And you want to know if you can still use Yahoo Web Hosting? You want control to make edits and more importantly, you want ease-of-use and simplicity. Can I still build a yahoo web site with a Yahoo Web Hosting account?

The answer? Absolutely!

Yahoo Web Hosting offers a suite of powerful web-authoring building tools (such as Site Solutions) for every skill level. Simplicity is the ultimate goal and even if you are completely new to the internet, you'll be able to go online, publish a basic website with multiple web pages and start marketing your site to get awesome traffic.

Don't fret about being a beginner or novice when it comes to website design. Yahoo Hosting makes it easy and as you gain experience, you can begin exploring more advanced tools and features to expand your site's usability

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Be Creative! Build a Yahoo Web Site.

Whether you are a thriving business or a small local mom and pop shop, you realize that everyone needs a web site for several reasons. We are living in a time where the internet and online business is increasing at a rapid pace accross the world. You suddenly realize that a web site can benefit your business without breaking the bank. And building a Yahoo Web Site can accomodate these needs and allow your business to prosper.

Today, More web services have sprung up resulting in very affordable prices. It will cost you $7.77 per month to get started with Yahoo and their web hosting plans are extremely flexible. And building a yahoo web site is extremely easy – even if you've never tried it before.

You will be able to choose a professionally created, customizable front-end design for your yahoo web site. Another advantage is being able to update your web site anytime – just point and click to edit pages. For those who are looking to begin building their online presence, having a Yahoo Web Site is a great place to start.

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