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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What Does "Unlimited" Yahoo Web Hosting Really Mean?

Well since Yahoo Web Hosting went all out and decided to offer unlimited web hosting, I hear many ask the question of what exactly this means as I hope to try and answer this right now.

Customers who use Yahoo Web Hosting appropriately have access to unlimited disk space, data transfer, and email storage, however, appropriate usage must be maintained.

The main point is that the purpose and focus of Yahoo Web Hosting is hosting websites and not storing data. So using an account as an online storage space for holding audio or video files is prohibited. Why does this matter?

Yahoo Web Hosting operates as a shared web hosting service where many customers' web sites are hosted from the same server. And to ensure that Yahoo Web Hosting is reliable and to respect all users, a customer's web site usage should not affect the performance of other web sites on that same shared server.

So you can basically have unlimited space and bandwidth, as long as you are not storing gigabytes of files and using the service as a storage ground.

I hope this answers this frequently asked question about what exactly is meant by "unlimited" Yahoo Web Hosting.

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