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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Yahoo Web Hosting and the Olympics

Ok, So August is here and summertime is rolling around. I think August is one of those months where people just need to get away and relax. It is the last hoorah before school season starts and many people are simply on vacation. I simply think people just aren't too motivated in this month to do anything but drink lemonade.

And with the Olympics beginning, all eyes are on the worldwide competition. So when Yahoo Web Hosting is crowned Gold medal for their unlimited web hosting, it should be no surprise. The combination of all of their web hosting packages into 1 makes this hosting plan a more viable and affordable plan for the masses.

But the web hosting competition is as fierce as the Olympics, the entire field is trying to standout and shine. But Yahoo Web Hosting was the first to offer unlimited web hosting and has a great brand and track record. And because of this, I award them the Gold Medal of Web Hosting... "Yahoo Web Hosting - Please take the stand!"

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