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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yahoo Search Marketing and Forecasting Costs

Forecasting marketing costs can be a tedious task. Traditional advertising is easier since you can estimate how much an ad costs, but with pay per click, things get a little trickier. Yahoo Search Marketing has this feature built into their interface to help users forecast their marketing spend.

Testing is a very important factor in effective online advertising, and Yahoo Search Marketing allows you to test ads against each other and run the most effective ad. With Yahoo Search Marketing, you will always test an ad and improve your marketing results.

With YSM, you control the costs and will know the costs in advance, and pay only for results. This is important becasue this allows you to spend your resources wisely - and only on the ads that work. This will result in bringing in more qualified visitors and convert more visitors into customers, quickly and easily.

Yahoo Search Marketing is also offering a $25 discount on all new customers.

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